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Birthdate:Apr 13
Lilin greatly enjoys being a wizard's apprentice, though his exuberant and playful nature often cause him to fall short in his studies. Like many Siamese, he is incredibly intelligent and picks up new skills and lessons easily, and it is through this that he has skated by with his magister. He would much rather play outside than sit in a study, read adventure novels than pore over grimoires, and he finds much more enjoyment in pranking others in imaginitive ways with the spells he knows than learning any great spell of power. It is perhaps because of this that he has demonstrated a surprising aptitude and affinity for transmutation magic.

As wizards go, Lilin is in good health, standing a decent seventeen inches tall and weighing eleven and one-half pounds. He has very good handpaw-eye coordination and is quite agile (a great boon for complex spell-casting, even better for escaping irate teachers). Fashion is considered important to Lilin as it is his opinion that a sorcerer should always look his best, and he never goes anywhere without his crystal-topped cane, which mildly amplifies his magic power. Like any proper wizard, Lilin has at least utterly mastered the art of the cantrip (as well as come up with whole new purposes for several of them, to the chagrin of his teachers) and is quite skilled in low-level wizardry. It is spells of higher power and many crafts involving evocation and raw force that elude him, as they simply do not seem to capture the playful apprentice's attention.

Social and outgoing, Lilin at least realizes that pranks are best saved for those he knows and is comfortable with. After all, the best pranks are tailored to the victim, making strangers unsuitable. As friendly as he is, however, new friends always just seem to be waiting 'round the corner.
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